CASKIA Consulting Ltd

CASKIA Consulting Ltd., is a small niche consulting firm with speciality skills in Data Privacy, Third Party IT Risks, Information Security, IT Audit and IT Governance. We cater to all sizes of organisations but with a specific emphasis on small to medium size organisations. From experience we have found small to medium size organisations do not have the dedicated resources to adequately address IT Risks, IT Security, Data Privacy and IT Controls as larger organisations. We have also found larger organisations are placing more dependence on small to medium organisations, or third parties, for delivery of goods and services. Consequently, Data Privacy, information Security, IT Risks, IT Governance and IT Controls are as applicable to small and medium size organisations as they are to large organisations. CASKIA Consulting Ltd., will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives, organisational structure and constraints, the regulatory, legal and contractual obligations you must comply with. We then work with you to a solution that ensures the appropriate IT Controls are in place that are specific to your organisation.

In the UK, Europe and other parts of the world, the protection of personal and personal sensitive information is a legal obligation for all organisations across all sectors, regardless of size. An option for organisations in the UK and Europe is to attain the European Data Privacy Seal certification for its’ IT products or service. CASKIA Consulting Ltd., can assist you in attaining this certification.

Please peruse our services then leave us a message specifying which of our services you would like more information on. Lets discuss how CASKIA Consulting Ltd., can work with you.

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